Wednesday, February 13, 2013

♥ La Bicyclette: Carmel, California

I'm dreaming of travel today. I have booked my flight to Spain and I will be setting sail mid-March. The anticipation has me thinking of a memorable trip I took last summer to Northern California-- particularly, the magical town of Carmel. While the memory is bittersweet for me for certain reasons, the experience is one I still wanted to share.

This little town is unlike any other place you can possibly imagine and I highly encourage everyone to visit. Lined with cozy cottages, pristine foliage and gardens filled with blooming flowers and succulents, you can't help but feel content with life as you look around and breathe in the majestic Pacific Ocean air.

I'm going back to a particular brunch we shared one morning at La Bicyclette, in celebration of the weekend festivities. This quaint corner restaurant was adorable and cozy, decorated as if we were in a tiny rustic, French cafe. The sun was shinning through the large windows and the room was filled with the aroma of coffee and bacon. Everyone enjoyed something different from the brunch menu, and subsequently tried them all. The fresh micro greens and heirloom tomatoes were flavorful and spicy underneath perfectly poached eggs. The French toast was thick and custard-like; sweet and savory when covered in real maple syrup and fresh berries.

Just as it was recommended to me, I am recommending it you! If you are ever in Carmel, you MUST enjoy a meal at La Bicyclette. You won’t be disappointed!

♥ Enjoy Friends!