Thursday, January 9, 2014

♥ Stinson Beach

I was nervous about moving to San Francisco and leaving behind my network of long time friendships and connections, but since I've moved to the Bay I've been extremely blessed to have met some of the most genuinely caring, interesting and fun-loving friends. And when my friend, Gaby, suggests an adventure, I would be foolish to ever decline. So, back in the midst of June-Gloom she suggested a day trip to Stinson Beach.  No fog was going to stop the two of us from exploring. With a couple of bottles of wine packed in a cooler, we made our way out of the city,  weaving through the twisty mountain roads along the California coastline, all while jamming funky jazz and reggae music to set our spirits right.  It's a wonderful thing in Northern California, to be able to venture out of the busy city and into nature in a matter of minutes. The mossy green mountain sides covered by wispy layers of fog felt very much like driving through a dream. And despite the fog, the weather felt very pleasant as we settled into the sand to watch people, sip wine and laugh at the possibility of the existence of mermaids ;)

On our way back to the city we took a quick detour to a sweet lookout point to view the misty Golden Gate Bridge.  This is one of my favorite spots to see the beautiful bay, city buildings atop the hilly landscape and the bridge. 

We ended the day by warming our bodies and bellies with hot tea and Pork Pumpkin Curry at Burma Superstar {restaurant review on THAT gem coming soon}. Looking back, I am so thankful for this day. It brought us closer together and introduced me to wonderful new sights. I can't wait to come back with the sunshine!

♥ So Much Love,

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

♥ Hello, 2014 - West Coast Livin'

 Manifest Destiny.

I hear this all the time. And believe in it.

My Facebook and Instagram pages are lined with contributors who share beautiful quotes of living life fully, self forgiveness, personal expansion and fulfillment. I follow and fill my feeds with inspirational people.

This year was my year to put this theory into action. It was on my 25th birthday that I had my first and most epic realization of manifesting my own destiny. It was like an epiphany- I realized I was sitting on my heels, and that the life I wanted, the dreams I created and goals I had set, were only going to be achieved by my own ambition and action. And that action had to start ASAP.

2013 has taught me an incredible amount.

I traveled to Spain to visit my sister and spent an adventurous, two weeks exploring the south of Spain. I made a HUGE decision to leave my hometown of Austin and move to San Francisco.  A big career change from the Market Research industry into Advertising Sales, of which I have surprised myself by my success and happiness at my new job. I found a beautiful love and also got my heart broken. I met new friends who have become rocks in my life to ground me. And I was honored to be my long time best friend's Maid of Honor in her wedding and planned her epic Bachelorette vacation in South Beach, Miami for 10 girls.

Every single person and experience has come into my life for a purpose and has impacted me in a way that I will never forget. These moments will shape me into the stronger and more well rounded human I want and strive to become.

After all of this generous soul searching, life changing decisions, gains and losses, personal growth, goal accomplishments, and career changes, I have returned to Tastytown with fire in my fingertips. I am entering a new chapter of my life, and therefore closing an old chapter. The purpose of the blog is to open a window into my life's passionate explorations and hopefully to enlighten whoever reads my blog with something new to explore.

Here's a quick recap of photos from these big events from 2013:

Looking forward to filling y'all in on how my 2013 went and what's in store for 2014!

Happy New Year!!!!

♥ Ciao,