Tuesday, July 19, 2011

♥ In terms of survival, music and food come second, after air!

Welcome to Tastytown!

This is my first official blog post and while I should go on with an elaborate welcome and list of things to come, I will leave that for later. For now, it is 4am and a long, but pleasantly unexpected nap has kept me wide awake. 

I would like to share a song that I stumbled upon several months ago that I just cant get over, and is probably aiding in my inability to fall asleep due to my abuse of the repeat button. It is a remix of The Submarines song '1940'. While the original version of this song is soft, sultry and sloooowwww :) the remix gives it an entirely new and funkified life of its own.

The Submarines are an indie, flowery pop group from LA and their music makes you wish you were laying in a field of daisies. You gotta check them out! The lead vocalist, Blake Hazard (pictured above), is downright charming and you can't help but love her infections voice... and the xylophone sounds are cute too!

The remix is cleverly done by Amplive, who is most famous for producing several of Del the Funky Homosapiens beats, along with collaborations with many others. Another catapult, in my opinion, to Amplive's career was his controversial release of his remix to the entire Radiohead album In Rainbows called 'Rainydayz Remixes'.  Which is totally dope! Click the link to getcha some  free downloads!

So, HERE IT IS FRIENDS my favorite song at the moment:


Amplive will also be tagging along with Bassnectar's Divergent Spectrum West Coast tour, with Big Gigantic starting in September! Don't miss your chance to check out this amazing producer! Here's the link for more INFO!

That's all for now, time for bed. Until more from me at Tastytown!

Much love,