Monday, October 17, 2011

♥ Anything Can Happen

Have you ever had to make a really difficult decision in your life?  One where you really felt the road had met an unknown fork; where you could honestly see yourself walking down either path?

October has thrown me for some very unexpected curves and forced me to visualize myself making some very big decisions and walk down some very differnt paths.

I have mentally been a bit overwhelmed and to say the least, this song, Anything Can Happen by Wyclef Jean, brought a smile to my face and sense of peace amongst the stressfulness.

In life, its true that, at times, anything can happen. Future unknown.
And while lately I have been working on positive thinking, setting positive future intentions and studying the law of attraction; I still think there are unknown elements.

The song is catchy and the lyrics are kinda funny. The beat makes you wanna bob your head. Theres a sense of humility to the song as well. It speaks to the people feeling low or feeling high and mighty. Stay humble, cause anything can happen. Most importantly, it just reminds me that no matter how much we stress over decisions or situations, there is only so much we can control, and in reality anything can happen.

It also makes me want to go roller skating :) Party idea anyone?
Hope y'all like!
♥ Cheers,