Friday, December 9, 2011

♥ Friday Jamz :: Azealia Banks

I have to give props to Kenn Richards, a music producer out of NYC, for introducing me to this girl. And ever since he has, I havent stopped listening to her online channels.

Maybe it's due to lyrical envy [the fact that flows don't just come streaming out of my own mouth naturally is something I never quite understood], maybe I'm having Santigold-withdrawals regarding her impending new album's release date or maybe I'm just hooked...hooked on the idea of a young, talented female vocalist with a powerful voice, uncouth lyrics and edgy style.

Now I should probably give a Parental Advisory warning here; Azealia's youthfulness is reflected in her unedited style of raunchy party rap, which may sound vulgar to some, so consider yourself warned of the potty mouth! And if you're not offended, well then read on, cause I guarantee you will probably want to have a drink, hang out and maybe do hood rat things with this chick!- Maybe :)

Azealia Bank's has a street-smart sound, while boosting her flows on top of exotic, reggae and dancy beats.  The 20 year old Harlem rapper flaunts some sassy frassy lyrics telling boys and girls to watch out, on her popular track '212'.  Azealia Banks clearly is not afraid to spit some fire and dish out some serious claims of being the next big thing. She gives a fresh, new outlook on the rap scene.

This year Azealia Banks garnered serious attention in the UK when NME, a popular British music mag, pushed her to the top of their 'Cool List'. And just this month, Banks was nominated for the BBC's Sound of 2012 poll.

Continuing to grow her popularity in the UK, I insist you keep an eye out for this girl in the US in 2012.
Check out her newest song '212' and a few others that I personally am diggin!

♥ Ear Candy for you,