Tuesday, August 9, 2011

♥ Can't stop.. won't stop.. Naan Stop

After my regular yoga routine at Black Swan Yoga, I tend to be in what I like to call a Yoga Coma. Everything moves in slow motion and I tend to respond to people in a soft tone usually with an upward inflection in my voice. I may sound dazed and confused, but I'm more conscious and focused then ever. Hence why my yoga practice is so addictive.

Anyway, on this particular evening after Candle Sweaty Yoga, not only was I in my coma, but I was also STARVING! The only bad thing about these late classes is that Whole Foods is usually closed, which is where I usually like to re-up on my electrolytes. Tonight was different.

This night, Mike suggested we check out an Indian food trailer. He assured me not only would I love it, but hey... it will also be open late! This wasn't any food truck, this was the mack daddy of all food trailers!

I mean, I've seen quite a few shabby truck dish out phenomenal food, but this trailer was supreme with all of the finest appliances inside glistening from the street lights!

As soon as we walked up, the man who owns the truck and his wife were whipping up something that smelled beyond tasty. It took a lot to compete with the BBQ trailer billowing smoke next door. He looked at us and said 'You two look like healthy people, I'll make something good for you. How about our paneer dish, it has a lot of protein?' He was so friendly, as if we walked straight into his home and he was ready to whip up something just for us. 'Do you like it spicy?' Mmmmhmmm we nodded happily. "Good answer!" he said and began chopping.

Paneer is a type of cheese that is popular in Indian and South Asian cuisine and has a consistency similar to tofu and lightly seared, tastes divine. Our wraps were doused in a hot chili sauce that packed a big punch, but with the combination of cool mint leaves and sweet carrots, my taste buds were in heaven. The spice and the sweetness allowed for a combination that had you yearning for another bite...and another... and another. I literally couldn’t stop.
The owner saw my face, and my cheeks turn a bit pink with a big smile on my face, he smiled back.

This was the perfect post yoga meal, healthy, filling, protein packed and very tasty! I recommend it to all!

On another, more musical note, and going back to the topic of working out. Reader, you will soon learn that I'm a huge fan of yoga and running, and I'm also excited to start cross fit come the end of the month. When I run, I have to have my iPod. My endurance sometimes depends on it. Particularly, I like songs with motivating lyrics. This song by Flux Pavilion is just that, and I highly suggest you add it to your workout playlist and tell me what you think!

♥  Much Love,