Monday, January 16, 2012

♥ The Fat Hen :: New Orleans, Louisianna

7457 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70118

On a recent trip to the funky city of New Orleans, I had the tasty opportunity to stop at a quaint little brunch spot, right near Tulane University. While the trip's original purpose was not of the culinary route, knowing me, I couldn't help but keep my eyes and stomach wide open to taste some unique and authentic NOLA cuisine.

We had the pleasure of staying with a friend in a beautiful area of town. The french colonial homes stood strong and vast, with exquisite old trimmings and beautiful iron fences. As we headed out on foot in search of some Cajun delicacies, we happened upon The Fat Hen, nestled within the rich culture and southern charm.

Despite the batch of homemade boiled crawfish and Cajun corn we gobbled down the previous night, our seafood cravings were not yet satiated. I was enamored as we entered the restaurant with their creative paintings on the wall. I knew if they took this much time on the decor then the food would have to be just as creative.

The breakfast special was just that! A giant, fluffy Belgian waffle covered by a decadent ham, apple wood bacon, and cheddar cheese omelet. Once the syrup was poured all over that bad boy it was over!

In front of my chompers was this delicious Cajun Crawfish Eggs Benedict, three poached eggs on top of spicy and extra crispy crawfish cakes, drizzled with Fat Hen's specialty hollandaise sauce.

The Fat Hen took the cake on some of the best southern cookin' I tasted on my trip to New Orleans and getting on the flight back to Austin, was a bittersweet moment. I absolutely love NOLA cuisine and wish we had more of it in Austin.
...Until next time Mr. Crawdaddy...

More to come on the rest of NOLA adventure! Stay posted!

♥ Ciao!