About Me

Welcome to Tastytown!
~this Texas gal's take on life on the West Coast~

I'm Melissa and my blog was originally designed as an outlet to share my passions on three of my favorite topics: FOOD/RESTAURANTS, MUSIC {and} AUSTIN, TEXAS.


this year, I moved to SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA {oh hey! bay babes}! And as I have spent the past year in transition-- so has my blog!

I feel so lucky to have spent over 20 years in Austin, and now I feel even luckier to be a new SF city dweller.

Tastytown is dedicated to sharing with you my thoughts on adventures, restaurant and music reviews while in Cali, as well as travel to new destinations.
GET A TASTE and hopefully you will learn something new or simply open your heart and mind. 

Please enjoy and come back for more!

If you have any suggestions on travel, music or restaurant recommendations, please feel free to email me at melissamadelaine@gmail.com

♥ ♥ ♥ 

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