Monday, February 17, 2014

♥ Moraga Steps

My roommate Kelly was the first one who told me about the Moraga Mosaic Steps, and while on a run during a rare, but gorgeous SF day, I decided I would finally make my way to check out the steps. And what an incredible sight! I know I wasn't prepared for the beautiful art mosaics-- especially because I did not have my camera, but I was able to snap some shots on my iPhone. I have since gone back several times to take better photos and find any excuse to show my friends or in-town guests this amazing hidden gem. It's a semi-secret spot in the Outer Sunset that I highly recommend to locals and tourists, alike. The tile pieces paint a scene of the California coastline horizon, from the sandy beaches covered in seashells, birds and plants, swirling into the beautiful ocean filled with sea creatures, up to the big sky's moon and sun. Most of steps have tiles with life quotes or the names of families who helped make these steps possible with their generous donations. At the very top of the steps you can look back and see an epic view of the Sunset neighborhoods and Ocean Beach horizon.

Check out the map at the bottom of this post and go on an adventure to see the Moraga Steps in SF!

♥ Ciao!
Drop Pin: Moraga Steps (16th and Moraga Street)

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