Friday, January 13, 2012

♥ Friday the 13th Jamz :: Foster the People Remix

Another week has come and gone and this one has been quite eventful. This weekend I am looking forward to spending time with my girl friends, crossing things off of my to-do list, and getting some yoga/running in.

Last weekend, I went with a group of friends on a party bus down to San Antonio for the Spurs vs. Nuggets game. Although the group was divided by loyalties for each team, the Spurs prevailed. Overall, I think we could agree that the party bus was the best part of the trip :)

The buses amenities included awesome color changing lights and a pretty epic speaker system. The girls maintained control of the iPOD and the ride home was filled with fun, upbeat, dance tunes.

Here's a song I was introduced to and now can not STOP listening to!

Foster The People - Houdini (RAC Mix)

Thanks again Whitney for organizing such a great trip!

♥ Enjoy,