Tuesday, October 30, 2012

♥ A Typical Spanish Breakfast

Good Afternoon Tasters!
I hope you enjoy another guest blog post by my sister, Kim, who is living in Madrid, Spain. She has been gushing about the dining differences between the US and Spain. Breakfast, being something that stood out most! Today she is sharing her sweet and savory Spanish Breakfast experiences in Madrid:
Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. I honestly don't think I can survive the day without it.
Back home, I could easily eat everything on the menu-- in one sitting-- and still be hungry for more. Yes, I know it seems like a lot, but I believe that everything you eat for breakfast burns off by the end of the day. Right?! Or maybe that’s just my little excuse I like to gorge myself J.
Since moving to Spain, I have had to make some simpler (and sometimes sweeter) adjustments to my normal breakfast feast.
A typical Spanish breakfast usually consists of sweet treats, coffee and some fruit. It is not unusual for someone to have churros and chocolate for breakfast or even a Sabao, which is a type of cake-- similar to a pound cake soaked in butter (Yikes!), which I have tried to keep my distance from. The kids love those things. Sometimes chocolate milk and biscuits (aka cookies) is an option too. As a fan of the more savory fair, I usually don’t care for super sweet things in the morning; I picture myself with lots of energy and then a sudden crash in the afternoon.
Just when I thought I was doomed to a sugar rush and crash for the next ten months, a savory (and healthier) option was served on the breakfast table one particular morning. I thanked the breakfast gods!
This particular morning I was introduced to something quite different, but delicious nonetheless. A tomato purée made with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and pepper, and sometimes garlic atop crispy toast; so simple, unique and so delicious. On a couple slices of toast, add a few squirts (yes squirts, putting olive oil in a pump bottle gives you the perfect amount of olive oil with each pump) of high quality olive oil first, then spread chilled tomato purée and you have yourself a delicious and healthy Spanish breakfast. This has become my favorite breakfast; and I cant seem to get tired of it!
Putting my healthy and reasonable side away for a minute, lets address the fact that I cannot ignore my sweet tooth as the rest of the day goes on. With as much walking as I do in the city on a typical day, I don’t feel as guilty stopping into a nearby bakery for a decadent snack. Mallorca, a well-known bakery here, is full of sweet culinary delights. I am especially familiar with their croissants because the children’s grandpa brings over these warm, freshly baked croissants every Saturday morning for breakfast. So, when I stopped by for a snack I decided to try the chocolate ones. Not only were the buttery, edges dipped in chocolate but it was also filled with chocolate ganache on the inside. 
There’s nothing like a good balance of sweet and savory throughout the day.
Ciao <3