Monday, August 29, 2011

♥ Austin Loves of Lately

When Summer fades and Fall rolls around, most people around the country enjoy the changing of the seasons and possibly miss their sunkissed skin. When rain hits their window they wait inside reminiscing about the sun-filled play days.

 Not us Austinites... Fall is a distant memory and rain... well, I don't even remember what that is. And we wait inside all day cause its just too damn hot to go anywhere.

I heard on the news yesterday that Texas has seen 73 consecutive days of 100 degrees (or more) and 22 consecutive days of 105+.

Thats plain absurd.

Here are a few pics I took of things I love lately, yet can't enjoy at the moment cause...well...I would melt. 

Lounging at Zilker Park

Tasty Sno Beach

Backyard afternoons while sipping French champagne

Hiking up to Mt. Bonnell at sunset

Kayaking on Town Lake

Watching the bats at the South Congress Bridge

 Cheers to the breeze today!

♥ Much Love,

Monday, August 22, 2011

♥ The Blue Hit

The Blue Hit is an Austin musical group that has increasingly been scaling my Top 5 List of 'Get Ur butt Up and Check out' Austin music and if I haven't convinced you by the end of this post to listen to their music and see The Blue Hit Live (next chance you get), then just chalk it up to a dare. C'mon I dare ya!

This girl's got pipes. When I first saw Grace Park perform alongside David Moss on the cello and John McGee finger picking meticulously on the guitar, I was stuffed into a tiny room in Flipnotics Coffee Shop with about 30 other people. Without any acoustics or even a microphone, I was in absolute awe at the immense silence amongst this large group that was given in order to catch every beautifully, trickling drop of sound drip onto our eardrums.

Grace's mannerisms are what keep you enthralled in her performances. With her hands clasped behind her back, she tends to grin sheepishly or mysteriously... (you will have to decide). Often she bring her hands in front of her to wave them around magically only to add to her lyrical story. Her toes continuously make a seemingly nervous tip toe motion, yet shy, she is not.  She belts with the bravery of an army of men from the depths of her belly to produce a beautiful velvety voice that chants to the women (and men) in the audience of power, pride and humility. A true Austin delight.

This trifecta is a testament to the saying “less is more”. The combination of David's intimate instrumentation and expertise with the cello adds a hint of jazzy captivation to John's alluring guitar skills, all underneath Grace's edgy vocals make for a free-spirited, folk-swing performance.  

Check out The Wild Frontier Fest in Austin on September 10th & 11th at Emo's to see The Blue Hit play with several other incredible Austin-bred favs like Octopus Project, White Denim, Zeale and Equals -- to name a few of MY favs!

♥ Much Love,

Friday, August 19, 2011

♥ Friday Jamz and Out on the Town Austin!

Hello reader! Yippeee it's Friday! 

The saddest part is that I have at least 4 partially written posts about my week in music, fun events, food and exciting things to come! Guess I'll be writing a lot this weekend and try to catch up.

I hope to not overwhelm you all with a big burst of randomly awesome Mel-News. All you one person who may be reading this! ;)

Anywho, please enjoy this song that I re-discovered on my iTunes from a few years ago. I downloaded it for my sister who reminded me how awesome it is, then I went on a run and jammed it and I too was reminded. So I thought I'd share! Hope it pumps you up!

If you know me, then you know I enjoy some hip-hop intertwined in most of my electronic musical choices. **See Gramatik post to come soon (yum!)** So who wouldn't love Grammy winner and world renowned Italian DJ and producer Benny Benassi combined with also world renowned hip-hop artists, The Fugees!?

We all thank you Voidstar for this awesome remix!

If you liked it, download it HERE!

If not, thats okay! More fun, new and different music to come!
If you're out on the town in Austin this weekend, here are some events I suggest you check out:

FRIDAY 8/19:
CLASSIXX w/ Learning Secrets at The Parish

Dead Prez at Red 7

Grooveland Music Festival (all weekend) at Camp Ben Mculloch
If you are attending this, definitely try to check out TOAST, Metranohm, Funkotron
Dimitris Ascent and Green Mountain Grass- to name a few of my favs!

Austin Farmer's Market Downtown at Republic Square Park

  Griz, Posh and Abboriginal at Firehouse Lounge -FREE!

Eye in the Sky Collective presents: STEREO IS A LIE, Saints of Valory and Pop Pistol at Frank's

EL TEN ELEVEN w/ The Globes at The Mohawk

Check back for more food, music and living!

♥ Much Love,

Friday, August 12, 2011

♥ Friday Jamz!

Whew! Thank goodness it's Friday! Leaving you to start your weekend off with a new song! Big Gigantic's debut remix of Kanye West - Get 'em High. Big Gigantic is one of my all time favorite bands. Their music is guaranteed to make you want to get down and please excuse my lack of better description (it's Friday) Dominic Lalli on sax is pretty damn sexy! This song already makes me anticipate some fun times to be had this weekend!
Big thanks to the blog that's always up on the new new ThisSongIsSick. Here's a little blurp about the song, hope y'all enjoy!

"...There’s been some stolen web rips of this surfacing, but we’re happy to have worked with the group and give you the full high quality version to jam to. It’s got a nice chill buildup and then drops, but not as heavy as some of their other tracks. I can’t get enough of this remix, turn it up and enjoy!..." -ThisSongIsSick

♥ Much Love,

Thursday, August 11, 2011

♥ Artist :: LEBO

My mother is Cuban.

My Father is Jewish.

To say that I am familiar with the city of Miami is an understatement. Growing up we traveled to Miami a lot.

I had heard about Ultra Music Festival for several years, but it probably wasn’t until 2009 when I started recognizing a lot of the artists. And in 2010 I remember feeling particularly bummed about missing that year’s events.

While rummaging through photos of the event, I caught a glimpse of a live painter on stage with the Disco Biscuits, and even amongst the haze of the crowd and the bright lights of the stage, I could see what colorful bursts were blooming on his canvas. I had to find more.

The artist was David LeBatard, also known as LEBO and to this day I'm still a huge fan. As a Miami native, I (correctly) assumed LEBO was also Cuban, making me even more of a fan of his. His bursts of saturated color are contrasted by striking linear movements in his paintings. I especially love his unique style of expression through cartoonism. He may even throw in a line or two of some very inspirational phrases that help guide his creative ideas.

This first pic is the one that initially intrigued me about the artist a year and a half ago:

LEBO also made a pit stop in Austin for SXSW in 2010 for some live painting with Chico Mann. But what I love most are the INCREDIBLE Gibson Guitars he painted at the Gibson Guitar Center in Austin that several artist played while on a bus/mobile recording studio. Check it out!

LEBO+SXSW+Gibson+AOL Lifestream - 2010. from LEBO STUDIOS on Vimeo.

Here are some pics of his amazing artwork:

And last but not least, some fairly recent street artwork done by LEBO:

 A lot of times you can find LEBO painting on stage with some of your favorite artists like, previously stated Disco Biscuits, Michael Franti or Thievery Corporation, but I love that he is now contributing his amazing art to city scapes.

Hope you enjoy and find some happiness in the colors! :)

♥ Much Love,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

♥ Can't stop.. won't stop.. Naan Stop

After my regular yoga routine at Black Swan Yoga, I tend to be in what I like to call a Yoga Coma. Everything moves in slow motion and I tend to respond to people in a soft tone usually with an upward inflection in my voice. I may sound dazed and confused, but I'm more conscious and focused then ever. Hence why my yoga practice is so addictive.

Anyway, on this particular evening after Candle Sweaty Yoga, not only was I in my coma, but I was also STARVING! The only bad thing about these late classes is that Whole Foods is usually closed, which is where I usually like to re-up on my electrolytes. Tonight was different.

This night, Mike suggested we check out an Indian food trailer. He assured me not only would I love it, but hey... it will also be open late! This wasn't any food truck, this was the mack daddy of all food trailers!

I mean, I've seen quite a few shabby truck dish out phenomenal food, but this trailer was supreme with all of the finest appliances inside glistening from the street lights!

As soon as we walked up, the man who owns the truck and his wife were whipping up something that smelled beyond tasty. It took a lot to compete with the BBQ trailer billowing smoke next door. He looked at us and said 'You two look like healthy people, I'll make something good for you. How about our paneer dish, it has a lot of protein?' He was so friendly, as if we walked straight into his home and he was ready to whip up something just for us. 'Do you like it spicy?' Mmmmhmmm we nodded happily. "Good answer!" he said and began chopping.

Paneer is a type of cheese that is popular in Indian and South Asian cuisine and has a consistency similar to tofu and lightly seared, tastes divine. Our wraps were doused in a hot chili sauce that packed a big punch, but with the combination of cool mint leaves and sweet carrots, my taste buds were in heaven. The spice and the sweetness allowed for a combination that had you yearning for another bite...and another... and another. I literally couldn’t stop.
The owner saw my face, and my cheeks turn a bit pink with a big smile on my face, he smiled back.

This was the perfect post yoga meal, healthy, filling, protein packed and very tasty! I recommend it to all!

On another, more musical note, and going back to the topic of working out. Reader, you will soon learn that I'm a huge fan of yoga and running, and I'm also excited to start cross fit come the end of the month. When I run, I have to have my iPod. My endurance sometimes depends on it. Particularly, I like songs with motivating lyrics. This song by Flux Pavilion is just that, and I highly suggest you add it to your workout playlist and tell me what you think!

♥  Much Love,

Saturday, August 6, 2011

♥ Silence is more musical than any song... unless you got you're headphones on

'Told you so' is what my dad would love to say to me at this very moment. The moment where I sit in my office, at my job, my first real job as a 23 year old recent grad and say ‘ aww mannn, working is haaarrdd’ in the most whiney, voice. Almost instantaneously the 80’s revival song starts playing in my head… is it possible that I now have a theme song? Anyway, I'm singing to you now…

“Everybody’s working for the weekend!!!!’

No words have ever felt so true on this Friday afternoon as I yearn for the upcoming weekend and reminisce on the weekends past.

A couple weeks ago I made the 3.5 hour trek to Dallas where I attended, what I might have to describe as one of the coolest musical experiences I have far..

Silent Disco.

Much to my surprise, this thing was sold out! 400 little headyphones bobbing to the music.

Okay, so if you’re like HUH, that sounds too oxymoronic! Lemme tell ya-- a silent disco is a great big party where everyone wears a set of headphones with a switch that plays Channel A or Channel B. On either of these channels are two different music producers giving it their all to win the crowd. Every hour, two new producers get up on stage and showcase their stuff! It was so amazing walking around, looking at everyone’s big smiles and dancing feet, you couldn’t help but want to guess which channel they were on. It also made me giggle when one DJ would drop the bass or throw on a great tune and half of the crowd would react in a great big cheer and some rad dance moves.
Me and my headyphones.
I was in musical heaven.

One thing that I found spectacular about this event, is the fact that not only could you control the volume on your headphones to your liking, but you could also walk around ANYWHERE at the bar and still hear the music crystal clear. I found myself wondering outside to see some live painting and fire dancers, still feeling like I was front row. I also walked up to the bar where I quickly forgot about the headphones and may or may not have belted my order at the bartender.

I got down to some really great DJs, Abboriginal and Skrause being two of my favs! Here’s some music by my FAVS:

My boyfriend and I also made it to the Dallas World Aquarium on our trip. We especially liked the mustache monkeys; they came right up to the cage and played twig-tug-of-war with us. Here are some photos:
Mooostache Monkeys
Playing Tug-of-War
Sleeping Flamingo
Garden Eel
Last but not least, the beautiful Jaguar
 Much Love,