Monday, August 22, 2011

♥ The Blue Hit

The Blue Hit is an Austin musical group that has increasingly been scaling my Top 5 List of 'Get Ur butt Up and Check out' Austin music and if I haven't convinced you by the end of this post to listen to their music and see The Blue Hit Live (next chance you get), then just chalk it up to a dare. C'mon I dare ya!

This girl's got pipes. When I first saw Grace Park perform alongside David Moss on the cello and John McGee finger picking meticulously on the guitar, I was stuffed into a tiny room in Flipnotics Coffee Shop with about 30 other people. Without any acoustics or even a microphone, I was in absolute awe at the immense silence amongst this large group that was given in order to catch every beautifully, trickling drop of sound drip onto our eardrums.

Grace's mannerisms are what keep you enthralled in her performances. With her hands clasped behind her back, she tends to grin sheepishly or mysteriously... (you will have to decide). Often she bring her hands in front of her to wave them around magically only to add to her lyrical story. Her toes continuously make a seemingly nervous tip toe motion, yet shy, she is not.  She belts with the bravery of an army of men from the depths of her belly to produce a beautiful velvety voice that chants to the women (and men) in the audience of power, pride and humility. A true Austin delight.

This trifecta is a testament to the saying “less is more”. The combination of David's intimate instrumentation and expertise with the cello adds a hint of jazzy captivation to John's alluring guitar skills, all underneath Grace's edgy vocals make for a free-spirited, folk-swing performance.  

Check out The Wild Frontier Fest in Austin on September 10th & 11th at Emo's to see The Blue Hit play with several other incredible Austin-bred favs like Octopus Project, White Denim, Zeale and Equals -- to name a few of MY favs!

♥ Much Love,

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