Monday, November 21, 2011

♥ Pretty Lights Remix :: Run DMC – It’s Tricky & EA Sports SSX

While hanging out at a sports bar in Austin recently, I could have sworn I overheard one of my favorite Pretty Lights remixes playing over the speakers. I only looked up fast enough to see the final seconds of a snow covered boarder and the Dick's Sporting Goods and North Face logos to conclude the commercial.

Did anyone else hear that?

As I looked around, all I saw were men and women 40yrs+ tending to their beer and wings, waiting for the game to go back on.

After leaving the bar, my mind was set on finding that video...and my sanity, yet my lame attempt to rediscover the commercial via some Youtube or online channel proved dismal and maybe I was just hearing things.
But when I stumbled upon this pretty little treat I thought, maybe what I heard wasn't too farfetched.

"I've always loved hip-hop, video games and snowboarding," the well known electronic music producer, Pretty Lights told Spinner RPM regarding his new remix of the original
Run DMC- 'It's tricky' for EA Sports SSX video game.
Apparently, players will be able to trigger the song based on their game performance and by the looks of this trailer the game looks super dope... and that's saying a lot coming from a non-gamer like myself.

Also, check out the video below of Pretty Lights dropping the new track for the first time live in Atlanta. And for all you video game enthusiasts [if you are, maybe you can teach me!] Don't forget to get the SSX game, which comes out on February 14th on PS3 and XBOX.

♥ Enjoy your Ear&Eye Candy,