Tuesday, September 11, 2012

♥ Tastytown dishes: Gluten-Free Fried Chicken and Waffles at Thrice Cafe // Thai Fresh

Thrice Cafe // Thai Fresh
909 West Mary Street Unit B
Austin TX 78704
(512) 494 6436 

Lately it feels like its hard to find a hidden gem restaurant in the Austin area. Most new joints get so much talk and chatter that an hour long wait just to be seated is just not even worth it. But have no fear, because I think I have found my favorite gem. 

Every time I go to Thrice Cafe // Thai Fresh, I cant help but walk in and just feel a cool, relaxed mood come over me. It's difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why; maybe its the open windows and natural lighting or the Feng Shui arrangement of tables or maybe its simply the friendly, laid back vibes the staff gives but either way, i walk in almost instantly feeling at peace. It helps that the food is absolutely amazing! The chefs really know what they are doing when they combine the traditional Thai flavors with local produce.

But today, Tastytown is dishing about a particular dish that has sort of moved mountains in my mind in terms of some of my favorite dishes in Austin. And that is their Gluten-Free Fried Chicken and Waffles. The flavors are so deliciously combined that it's extraordinarily unexpected--especially in a Thai restaurant, you will probably consider seconds.

I know there are a lot of restaurants in Austin claiming to have the best chicken and waffles; and honestly I dare someone to challenge me on my claims that Thrice Cafe // Thai Fresh makes THE best! If I'm not mistaken, I believe both the waffle and chicken batters are both gluten free. The chicken is juicy on the inside with a delicious crisp on the outside and the waffle is perfectly fluffy, but it's the light ginger, maple, lemongrass syrup that packs the perfect punch of saucy flavor. Topped with cilantro and this dish is heavenly.

I'd also like to mention that this place offers cooking classes  which I'm considering trying and also writes up a pretty stellar blog
Please! Go! Taste it for yourself and try some of their amazing Curry or Pad Thai while you are there! 
I dare you! 

♥ Taste On!