Saturday, August 6, 2011

♥ Silence is more musical than any song... unless you got you're headphones on

'Told you so' is what my dad would love to say to me at this very moment. The moment where I sit in my office, at my job, my first real job as a 23 year old recent grad and say ‘ aww mannn, working is haaarrdd’ in the most whiney, voice. Almost instantaneously the 80’s revival song starts playing in my head… is it possible that I now have a theme song? Anyway, I'm singing to you now…

“Everybody’s working for the weekend!!!!’

No words have ever felt so true on this Friday afternoon as I yearn for the upcoming weekend and reminisce on the weekends past.

A couple weeks ago I made the 3.5 hour trek to Dallas where I attended, what I might have to describe as one of the coolest musical experiences I have far..

Silent Disco.

Much to my surprise, this thing was sold out! 400 little headyphones bobbing to the music.

Okay, so if you’re like HUH, that sounds too oxymoronic! Lemme tell ya-- a silent disco is a great big party where everyone wears a set of headphones with a switch that plays Channel A or Channel B. On either of these channels are two different music producers giving it their all to win the crowd. Every hour, two new producers get up on stage and showcase their stuff! It was so amazing walking around, looking at everyone’s big smiles and dancing feet, you couldn’t help but want to guess which channel they were on. It also made me giggle when one DJ would drop the bass or throw on a great tune and half of the crowd would react in a great big cheer and some rad dance moves.
Me and my headyphones.
I was in musical heaven.

One thing that I found spectacular about this event, is the fact that not only could you control the volume on your headphones to your liking, but you could also walk around ANYWHERE at the bar and still hear the music crystal clear. I found myself wondering outside to see some live painting and fire dancers, still feeling like I was front row. I also walked up to the bar where I quickly forgot about the headphones and may or may not have belted my order at the bartender.

I got down to some really great DJs, Abboriginal and Skrause being two of my favs! Here’s some music by my FAVS:

My boyfriend and I also made it to the Dallas World Aquarium on our trip. We especially liked the mustache monkeys; they came right up to the cage and played twig-tug-of-war with us. Here are some photos:
Mooostache Monkeys
Playing Tug-of-War
Sleeping Flamingo
Garden Eel
Last but not least, the beautiful Jaguar
 Much Love,

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