Friday, July 29, 2011

♥ Holy Escargot!

With all the amazing eateries around Austin, it's sad to consider the minimal options one has when late night dining...until you go to Justine's.

Last night a few friends of mine were leaving the Livid Instruments re-opening party, in celebration of their office's new home. We all had a wonderful time drinking Texas beer and checking out all the new music production tools (like the Ohm64 and the new OhmRGB) that this fantastic establishment pumps out for well known and up-and-coming artists like Sound Tribe Sector Nine and Paper Diamond.

But let's just say the mini sandwich bites just weren't doing it.

As we mulled over some ideas, Justine's came to mind. Delicious French cuisine at 11pm? Please and thank you!
With a decadent wine list and an equally decadent menu, needless to say we were all drooling at the buttery surf and turf delights on the menu. The six of us got a table in a matter of minutes and were promptly greeted by our waitress. This dimly lit casita may be on the East side of Austin but you will feel like you are in the sexy, red light district as soon as you walk in. This place was made for me, since it caters to the night owls with fine palettes.

Thank you Justine's for staying open till 2am and not making me resort to pizza by the slice! 

If I can suggest one thing and one thing only, which is extremely difficult because.. man, I want everything on that menu. You have to try the escargot.

It comes in a plate, individually sized for six little delectable, buttery snail. Be careful though, the plate is piping hot, oozing parsley and garlic butter sauce from the edges of the perfectly cooked escargot.

Be sure to ask for some extra bread, because you just can't let that tasty butter sauce go to waste :)

♥ Hope you enjoy,

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