Tuesday, September 27, 2011

♥ Lost My Keys to Reality

Weather! Holy Moly! This weather has been amazing! Our 120 days of 100+ are finally broken. Austin has been awesomely greeted by the most brilliant breezes and trust me, we are thankful. Because, trust me, it won't last long.

 This Sunday was especially glorious! A few friends of mine got together to gallivant around the city, literally. It was definitely a 'Choose your own Adventure' kind of day.

We had lunch at Sandra Bullock's own Walton's Cafe on West Sixth Street--then drinks at Second Bar + Kitchen :)
My mimosa, Mike and Carly's Oaktown Beat Down which I think had Appleton Rum and then Tiff's Chai infused cocktail; from Second Bar + Kitchen. Delish!

Searched for the Cow Parade: the strategically placed and eclectically painted cows that are now strewn throughout the city. These -we loved. Click the link to see pics of ALL of the cows!

Hiked through the greenbelt to get some exercise and witness some amazing Hill Country views and sadly smoke in the distance from the Bastrop fires :(

My friends sitting on the edge of the cliff-- Tiffany was the brave one to get down and take the picture.

And finished off with Strawberry Margaritas at Red's Porch off of South Lamar.
shotty iphone picture!

Cheers to *Sundays* Fundays!

Much Love,
♥ Mellie

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