Monday, October 24, 2011

♥ Drunken Doughnuts :: Trace Austin at The W Hotel

While there is much to discuss on the Tastytown homefront, I thought I'd drop by to discuss some tasty treats I have had the delight of devouring lately, and you probably should too.

I've had the fortunate pleasure to do some jetsetting this weekend, out of the hot Texas heat and into the blissful Ozark Mountains for a fun and fresh weekend which truly satisfied my mind and body. While my bags are still unpacked and my fingers still a bit frosty, there is much for me to show you and I look forward to writing about my weekend/posting some pics later this week.

Until then, feast your eyes on these little delights to warm your soul.

Drunken Doughnuts, so nice to meet you on my lovely Sunday Morning!

The Drunken Doughnuts from Trace are heavenly! Each pillowy doughnut hole is covered in cinnamon sugar crystals, with three devilishly sweet toppings to dip these fluffy bites; Vodka whipped cream, Tequila chile fudge sauce and my absolute favorite Bourbon Dulce DeLeche. I highly encourage you order these treats when dining at Trace, at any time of day, sharing is of course optional!

Trace is the classy and refined restaurant located right on the corner of 2nd Street and Lavaca, inside the W Hotel. Although I've only had the pleasure to dine during brunch, I do intend on tasting their dinner fare soon.

Cheers to keeping things short and sweet today! 

Keep calm and Eat on,
♥ Mel


rachel said...

those are stunning. my mouth is watering!

Tastytown said...

Thanks Rach!! Don't they look delicious! I could eat them every day! <3

peachmagnolia said...

yes yes yes thank you for posting this!!! one of my favorite treats growing up in hawaii were portugeuse donuts called "malasadas", basically round fluffy warm fried dough balls rolled in granulated sugar & sometimes cinnamon sugar.... i have not been able to find anything here that is similar (regular donuts use different dough, not the right light fluffy consistency) but these look really close - thank you!

peachmagnolia said...

ps. this is juliet :) i thought it would leave my name but instead it used my username.... i am new to this blogger business :)