Thursday, February 23, 2012

♥ All Quiet on the TastyTown Front and 24th Birthday

Though my posts have been hushed recently, my life has been everything but. Some exciting things have happened that have caused me to be distant from you, oh Tastytown.

We hired a new employee at my company and she has been such a big help to me so far! The assistance is much appreciated, but I am also enjoying the opportunity to see my company grow.

During the first week of February, I moved into my very own apartment! This is something I've been waiting for and saving up for, for quite some time. So lately I have been taking the time to decorate it and make it into my own paradise, which has been a lot of fun.

I also celebrated my 24th birthday with a wonderful group of all my friends. We all met at my *new* apartment to make cocktails and mingle, before we ventured off to a small comedy club in my neighborhood called Coldtowne Theater. On Friday nights they do stand up comedy, where a series of beginner comedians do 3-5 minute sets. The show was only 5 bucks and the club is BYOB, which was a huge plus considering my party shenanigans consisted of a very large cooler filled with liquor, mixers and beer. The theater was small, so needless to say, my birthday group made up the majority of the crowd. The comedians were hilarious and allowed all of us interact with their routines! It was a really fun and different activity to do in Austin and I think we all got a kick out of it!

Here are some #Instagram shots to fill you in:
beautiful pale yellow roses my boyfriend gave me for my birthday
another amazing arrangement of flowers from my good friends.
My friends brought me so many beautiful flowers for my birthday
and also some gorgeous champagne glasses for future tastings :)

the most delicious, pillowy, coconut cream cake from my friend.
I single handedly ate the entire thing over the course of a week. easily.

my mom brought this cute vanilla strawberry cake, decorated with
big yellow sunflowers! there's never *too* much cake :)

Raevan came in town for my birthday festivities,
we are waiting for the comedy to start

Coldtowne Theater

 Fat Tuesday celebration in San Marcos

Tiffany, me, Carly

♥ Much Love,