Thursday, December 8, 2011

♥ Fonda San Miguel :: The Best Interior Mexican Food in Austin!

2330 W North Loop Blvd
Austin, TX 
The other day, my boyfriend surprised me after work with a spontaneous and fun date night. While on a run, he discovered this magnificent door.

After taking a peek inside, and possibly getting gawked at by some people who wondered what a guy in gym shorts was doing peering in, the spicy aromas had him hooked.

When we arrived at Fonda San Miguel we felt immediately transported to the interior of Mexico. The design was elaborate and authentic, with hanging metal chandeliers, colorful tiles on the floors and decorative paintings of Mexican cutlture. We were placed in a corner table, which Mike was thrilled about since it gave us the best view of the jaunt and the other patrons. 
Our waiter arrived, and instantly gave us a comfortable feeling. It was apparent that this guy knew his stuff, and he wasn’t going to let us order a single poor dish, in his humble opinion.

We started off with a couple DosXX to go along with the Mexican themed evening, and some tacos al pastor. We were pleasantly surprised when the tacos came out quickly and the beers arrived in frozen, decorative painted mugs. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap a shot of the taco appetizer since we devoured them in mere seconds, but I can tell you that the spicy sauce, combined with the sweet pineapple and juicy pork melted in our mouths.
Finally our tummies stopped yelling ‘feed me’ and we were in a much better state to make a practical order for our entree, but with such an extensive and delectable menu, it was not the easiest task. Not to mention marveling at the beautiful drawings that outlined the pages. Clearly, we were incapable of being decisive.

Once again, we consulted our exuberant waiter and followed his 'might as well try something new' suggestions and decided to order the mussels and the duck enchiladas.

Though mussels are not something new to me (click HERE to see how much I LOVE seafood), I was surprised to see them served at a Mexican restaurant, so I had to taste it. Covered in a piping hot tomato-cilantro sauce, the mussels, made with a Mexican flare, were cooked to perfection.  Served with buttery crostini for dipping and topping pleasure, Mike and I went to town.

The duck enchiladas-- now a new favorite of mine-- were juicy and flavorful and beautifully plated. What I enjoyed most about the duck enchiladas, other than the fact that the portions were big enough to share, was that they weren’t doused in cheap, sticky cheese sauce. The poblano spinach sauce, in the right amount, was the perfect compliment to the tender duck, all wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla.  
And most surprisingly, despite some of Fonda San Miguel's higher ticket items, we actually walked out without breaking the bank. I can vouch that Fonda San Miguel is the best interior Mexican food in Austin! All in all, we were a couple of stuffed peppers after that delicious meal and I will definitely be back to Fonda San Miguel!

Girls Margarita night?! 

♥ You gotta taste it,

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