Tuesday, December 6, 2011

♥ Maru Sushi

    4636 Burnet Rd
    Austin, Texas
    (512) 458-6200
I discovered this cute little sushi restaurant a little north of Hyde Park, off Burnet Rd. called Maru. After testing the waters with my boyfriend and his friends first, I returned to Maru again with my sister. Both times were equally enjoyable, though this place reminded me to not judge a book by its cover!

On my first visit, the place was nearly empty and we were quite skeptical, but to our surprise we were given adequate attention from the wait staff who recommended quite a few exotic items, in particular, the baby octopus [frightening pictures below] and the salmon belly! Fortunately the chef was able to slice us up seconds, because it all melted in our mouths too quickly.

When I went back with my sister recently we had a more 'lush'ious experience, tasting all different rolls and sipping on unfiltered, cold saki, which I personally prefer...not to mention the place was actually pretty busy this time. 

I started off with the seaweed salad.  I find Maru to have one of the freshest and more flavorful seaweed salads in town. It was then that Kim and I looked around to realize that although the restaurant does serve beer and wine, it is also BYOB for a very small $3 corking fee! Next time, next time...
We ate, and drank and laughed... till we were the last ones there. When the little old lady came up to ask us if we wanted anything else, I'm pretty sure we muttered jokingly 'maybe something sweet?' Knowing that our waistlines would gladly disagree, we decided against dessert. But when the woman came back with our bill, she handed us a little plate with bite sized cheesecakes--on the house.

Now, I'm 100% cheesecake is not on the menu, maybe it was a personal stash. Either way, she shared, and we loved it!
Yes, we ate the baby octopus... and yes it was delicious! Not for everyone but for a seafood lover like me, I'm willing to try almost anything!

♥ Cheers Tasters!

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