Thursday, December 15, 2011

♥ Gramatik

For those of you that know me, know my love for this guy's music. For over a year, Gramatik has become one of my all time favorite producers for his sincere ability to make timeless sounds, modern and perfectly balanced. It's easy to listen to him anytime of day, which is a hard thing for many 'dance music' producers to accomplish since the recent rush popularity of Electronic Dance Music. Clearly my blog findsits own tangents every now and then, it is for this moment, that I was inspired to write my blog in the first place. To express my passions, especially for musicians and when I first heard one of Gramatik's songs, wayyy before he joined forces with music label Pretty Lights Music, it evoked a nostalgic feeling in me that resonated so heavily. I was reminded as to why I have been such a huge music lover for so long, it really vibed with me.

From Funk and Jazz to Hip-Hop, Soul and Blues. Gramatik uses raw, sample based beats, transcending generations of influential music through layers of hip-hop, glitch, electro and dubstep instrumentation. From a very young age, the Slovenian producer recognized his interest in music in second grade where he spent days playing the piano rather than video games. Growing up with little, he says he felt he had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so he put his heart and soul into his music.

That’s how I feel about Gramatik. <-- I highly suggest you turn your volume up, click on this link and get a taste of Gramatik.

a picture me and Denis at his last show in Austin, backstage! I was a happy camper :)
Gramatik's music and array of albums span so many different genres and touch on different time periods that he even proclaims himself genre-less. On his first few albums, the Street Bangerz Series, you can be lulled into a sweet jazzy coma, where voice samples of age old, classic blues artists match the beats. And on his more recent album, No Shortcuts, you can find jacked up hip-hop beats combining the element of EDM popularity. And it is at this junction of his musical brilliance where his efforts were noticed by Pretty Lights Music Label and in no time picked up. Now Gramatik is working on the sequel to his first PLM album Beatz and Pieces Vol 1 (<-- free!) where he explains that it is the evolution of his musical transformation as a whole.

I am SO excited that local promoter Bobby Clay owner and operator of Polaris Presents has decided to bring Gramatik back to Austin. Last time he was here, he opened up for STS9 and you better believe I was one of maybe 10 people get my groove on. I am so excited that his popularity has risen and I cant wait for him to headline this upcoming show. You will see me tomorrow night front and center at Gramatik's upcoming show in Austin, December 16th at the Parish. ( get tickets HERE!)

♥ Ear Candy,

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