Thursday, January 5, 2012

♥ Eastside Cafe :: Freshness!

2113 Manor Rd
Austin, TX 78722
The Gramatik show at the Parish, blew my socks off (read blogpost HERE)! The show was completely sold out, and when I finally made my way through the front doors, I was smiling ear to ear. The night was filled with fantastic friends, groovy tunes, green rooms, and whisky sours.

Oh lord, did those whisky sours hurt my lil head the next morning.

A good and healthy brunch was in order.

Eastside Cafe is known for its freshness. Their motto is:
"We dont grow everything we serve, but we serve everything we grow."

And that is the truth because in their very own backyard is an extensive community garden, lush with fresh green succulents and chickens in the coop.

Although tempted by the fluffy belgian waffles or blueberry blintzes, I decided to order one of the specials.

Once The Blue Plate Special arrived at our table, the aromas were so delicious, that I think my eyes bugged out of my head like a looney tune. I couldnt wait to dig into the perfectly poached eggs atop a savory salmon and shrimp cake, and smothered in a tangy remoulade sauce. Crispy home fries and fresh strawberries came on the side. The combination was an excellent compliment to a slightly Creole spicyness from the salmon and shrimp cake. As we all know, poaching an egg is most definitely an art form, and the chefs at Eastside Cafe are Picasso; the egg was cooked to pure fulfillment! 

 delicious sweet potato mash
beef and goat cheese enchiladas
After gobbling up my brunch, I took a stroll through the gardens.

With the growing movement of sustaniable food and structures in Austin, Eastside Cafe is a model in which many restaurants should begin to follow.  There is nothing quite like seeing where the food on your plate is grown.  Not only does fresh organic food taste better, but it also carries a myriad of health benefits that have been stripped away from mass produced food. 

And if there is a small wait for a table, you can also browse their lovely gift shop where they sell adorable cooking accessories, locally made soaps and lotions, and you might even get samples of their delicious chocolate chip cookies! 

I highly suggest if your a fan of sustainable gardens and organic growing in urban environments to swing by Eastside Cafe and see how they have done it.  I know I can't wait to go for dinner. Fried Shrimp with Apricot Brown Butter Sauce or Artichoke Manicotti, YES PLEASE!

♥ Bon appetit!

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